Turmeric and Coconut-Braised Cabbage With Chickpeas

“Cabbage has emerged as the hero of weeknight pantry cooking,” writes cookbook author and recipe developer Hetty McKinnon. “Inexpensive and infinitely versatile, with an impressively long shelf life, one head of cabbage goes a long way. This recipe, where wedges are bathed in a turmeric-accented coconut milk until meltingly tender and sweet, uses just half a cabbage. It’s enough to feed a family of four (with rice on the side), but you could easily use a whole one if you are feeding more mouths or catering to bigger appetites. To adjust the recipe, increase the stock or water to 1 cup to create more braising liquid—you may also have to sear the wedges in batches and use a bigger pan to simmer. You could also double the amount of chickpeas or substitute with cooked lentils instead.” 

And for the other half of the cabbage? We recommend saving it for another night: Shave it finely, toss with mint, dress with lemon juice and olive oil, and top with lots of grated Pecorino and freshly ground black pepper for a quick salad.

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